Sunday, March 25, 2012

Always on Time - Timex Military Watch

Last school year I lost my favorite Timex watch. While it was enough of a loss being late for everything, it was an added bonus that I had to endure the feeling of having  naked left wrist. The other day while browsing eBay, I came upon a great seller that sells very affordable military issue Timex and decided to splurge. I have been wearing it religiously and have even bought a few new straps for it, as well as protected it from being stolen by Ben. In any case, here's a picture that he took yesterday from our weekend jaunt around Lexington. Enjoy! I have included links and details about the watch in the caption below the picture!


Nautica Shirt in Light Blue Gingham (Borrowed)
Timex Military Watch ($49.95, eBay)
Nylon Watchband in 18mm Orage ($11.95, eBay)
Pandora Double Grey Leather Bracelet (Gift)

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