Saturday, February 18, 2012

This Just In: Wolverine

Wolverine recently sent these boots to be included in the fashion shoot for issue V of FOLK Magazine. They're part of their 1000 Mile Collection and they are absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention comfortable. This pair is called the Rockford, named after the location of the factory in Michigan, and is priced at around $300. Not only are these boots beautiful and equipped with great shock absorbing Vibram soles, they're also handmade in the U.S.A. These boots look great and give you the peace of mind knowing you're helping to create jobs in this unstable economy. Go check out more styles of the 1000 Mile Collection and read more about the history and heritage that goes into every pair here.

This Just In: Ball and Buck

Also for the Issue V photo shoot of FOLK, I was able to use a couple of great items from our friends at Ball and Buck. Mark Bollman has turned out some interesting items in this upcoming collection including the Hunter's Oxford and the Hoof Pick Belt. The hoof pick belt is a wonderful leather belt that features a hoof pick, used for cleaning out a horses hooves, as the buckle. It's stylish and functional for the equestrian on the go. The Hunter's Oxford I received is the first factory sample so this is a sneak peek at that amazing shirt. It boasts great features like a shoulder patch, that is discreetly covered in the same white linen fabric, for gun firing, and hidden elbow patches. It is durable and elegant. Go check out more of the amazing products from Mark and Ball and Buck here!

Monday, February 13, 2012

This Just In: High Cotton Ties

So, here is a (badly photographed with my iPad) roundup of a few things in High Cotton Ties Spring Collection that I am using in my photoshoot for Issue V of FOLK Magazine. It's the Southern Issue and I have a great fashion section planned! Enjoy!

My Funny Valentine

I love to read. I never have time anymore, but I have a couple of hours this week to just relax after finishing the last issue of FOLK with time to spare, so why not use a little to read. Someone bought me a great collection of books for Valentine's Day, so I thought I would share. I will post more about them as I'm reading them. I started with Ellen's and I'm halfway through it. It's awesome so far. Happy early Valentine's Day!
Journal by Lilly Pulitzer
The Gentleman's Bedside Companion.
Tom Cutler.
Seriously... I'm Kidding. Ellen Degeneres.
The Art of Fielding. Chad Harbach.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

What I Wore: To Ashland

The Henry Clay Estate, Ashland, in Lexington, KY.

It's been a while since my last What I Wore post so I decided to do a new one. This picture came from a trip to Ashland, the estate of Kentucky's famous United States Speaker of the House. The house is an amazing NRHP landmark built in early 19th Century Federal style. Being an art history buff-I have a soft spot for architecture-I love to visit as many of the historic homes and estates around Lexington as possible. The home has a lot of significance in the history of my college, Transylvania University, and the formation of the University of Kentucky so it is a pretty interesting piece of Lexington's history. If you ever get a chance to visit it, I recommend it. Especially in the summer, the same time this picture was taken. Enjoy! Click the picture of the estate to find more information about it!

Chambray Shirt (Belk, $20), Leather Belt (J.Crew),
Essential Chino Shorts in 5" inseam British Khaki
(J.Crew, $49.50)

Something New in Store: Adelé

Yesterday, during my endless day off (full of errands), I made a stop in the Chevy Chase neighborhood of Lexington, KY. It is one of my favorite neighborhoods, with one of my favorite local restaurants-post on that some other time. While stopping in for lunch at said restaurant yesterday, I noticed a store that I wasn't familiar with. With its modern yet traditional style, I'm not sure how Adelé has escaped my radar for nearly a year. Then again, it's been a pretty busy year. In any case, I plan on going back for a few photos with Gina very soon. In the mean time, check out their website. They carry a long list of interesting items unique to Lexington that also happen to be mostly artisan-made. They sell everything and it is truly a lifestyle store. More on Adelé soon!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tonight's meeting!

So, tonight I have a meeting with James Hill of High Cotton Ties to discuss their upcoming feature in FOLK Magazine. Look for pictures later. Gina Young, my fellow fashion blogger and FOLK Magazine contributor will be going with me. Look for her upcoming blog Bowtied Belle soon! Here are a couple of videos about High Cotton, the first about its history and the second about their work with their new project "From Dirt to Shirt" which we'll talk about tonight. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

FOLK Magazine Issue IV: Country Comforts!

Hey y'all! Exciting news of the day, Issue IV of FOLK is coming soon! We just wrapped up layouts and there is plenty of interesting content to look forward to, including a short editorial by yours truly about "Why I Love Fashion" and a Blog Life page featuring Kiel James Patrick's namesake, Kiel James Patrick, and Sarah Vickers for their wonderful blogs as well as Unabashedly Prep's F.E. Castleberry! The pieces are a short teaser of a feature that we hope to do with the trio and will be in our January/February 2013 Issue. Find more information about ordering the March/April Issue at our blog by clicking here or on the cover below! 

Random Re-Blog: Put This On - eBay

For those of you not familiar with Put This On, it is an amazing blog. The collections of historic fashion content and thrifty buys allow anyone to be in the know in fashion. They always keep their readers informed on what is hot and where to find it at great prices. One segment that I love is their eBay Roundup in which they find interesting items on eBay for ridiculous prices. Here is a link to the weekly posts and a picture of one of their finds, a wonderful tweed sport coat. Enjoy!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Random Re-Blog: A Continuous Lean and General Quarterly

Today's Random Re-Blog is a biopic of an L.A. store named General Quarterly and comes from A Continuous Lean. You can look at the full article there for more details, but here are a few of the store photos. The store is located on La Brea Ave. It really has that personalized Midwest style that I am enjoying so much these days.

A rack of bags and backpacks by Topo Designs.

I love the yellow table and football by Lemon.

These Eastland Boots are great, and I especially love the shirts by Gant in the

Brand New Look: Brooks Brothers

Today while browsing my Facebook newsfeed I came across an interesting sight. Brooks Brothers has a new campaign that everyone must see. They just added pictures of it to their facebook page. The campaign is called "A Color Story" and it is aptly named. The campaign centers around spring and summer brights. It is a lot more modern than I think anyone is used to Brooks Brothers being, but I am not counting that as a bad thing judging by the pictures. So, here are the pictures from the campaign. Check them out and let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

So, this is ridiculously similar to what I am wearing today. Maybe a picture
will follow.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

What I Wore: To Shaker Village!

So, Shaker Village is wonderful and you should go. It is a historic community outside of Danville, KY. It was formerly a religious community of "shakers" and still functions as a tourist attraction. It has a wonderful restaurant (they have great lunch) and a couple of small gift shops. It is a great day trip for us in Lexington, but I recommend it to anyone. This trip was last spring and Ben and I met one our friends and writer, Sam Yates, there. So, here's a few pictures from the trip and a few details of my outfit. Enjoy!

This donkey kept trying to nibble on my camera.
Wearing: Oxford in Yellow by Polo Kids ($19.50)
Leather Belt by J.Crew ($30.00)
7" Essential Chino Shorts in Navy by J.Crew ($49.50)

Southern Proper Frat Cap in Purple ($20.00)
Southern Tide Frat Strap in Light Blue ($5.00

The lower profile Clark Padmores. I favor them to Wallabies. 

Random Re-Blog: February 5, 2012

Red Clay Soul has been one of my favorite blogs for years. He always has the classiest posts and best style. He adopts a lot of newer outfits and makes them a classic staple. That's what he has done in this post with what he refers to as GTH pants, or colored khakis. In this post he shows us all how to wear them in a classic way without looking too modern. Enjoy the pics from the original and definitely go read it!

The "GTH" pants in Burnt Orange and Navy.

This classic prep school look makes these green pants look classic and classy.

Love this casual look. Especially the LLBean Norwegian Sweater and the
Lounger boots... so jealous.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Random Re-Blog: February 4, 2012

Kentucky has had uncannily warm weather and I wish had more opportunities to wear great layered outfits. Alas, I am burdened (I am sure it is more like blessed) with upwards of 60 degree weather. Today's Random Re-Blog is more of me living vicariously through Cam from The Midwestyle and his fisherman's sweater (which I wish I owned). Cam has a great way of layering bracelets that I admire as well.

Cam has great style, and a great style with layering.
I really like his watch and bracelet.

What I Wore: To my First Cousin's Wedding

This summer I had my 21st birthday and watched my first cousin get married to one of my very close friends. Not only was it a great birthday, it was an amazing wedding. Here are a few pictures from that day in my 'What I Wore' for today. Oh... And I changed after the meal because I had icing on my shirt.

Saturday July 2, 2011
Exhibit A:

A straw hat Ben had in his car, Bow Tie in Pawtucket Patchwork Madras
(High Cotton Ties, $45.00), New Wayfarer in Tortoise (RayBan, $119.00),
 Sunglass Strap in Navy (Vineyard Vines, $4.00), Oxford in Blue
(LLBean, $34.50), Brown Leather Belt, Square Watch with Brown leather strap
(Fossil, Birthday present from my Mom), Classic Chinos (J.Crew, $29.50).

My Best Friend and First Cousin Dakota and I.
(We really can't stay out of trouble or be serious when we're together.)

After I changed: Cotton Pickin' Beau in Green (Southern Proper, $.),
White Oxford (Polo for Kids, $19.50)
On Ben: Pink Bow Tie with Blue Eyeballs (Saddlebred, $15.00),
 Buffalo Plaid Shirt in Navy (Polo for Kids, $19.50),
 Essential Chino Shorts in 7" Navy (J.Crew, $49.50)

After the Wedding they held a Barn Dance. This is a picture of my sister and I
 dancing to "Dancing in the Moonlight" and maybe being sad that I had to leave.