Thursday, February 2, 2012

A blast from the past.

Earlier while going through old pictures of Ben's family with him and Jean it reminded me of my childhood. It is always strange how little catalysts will trigger big memories, but it has happened a lot recently. It helps that my nephew looks like a carbon copy of an infant me.

While we were talking about childhood memories on the ride home I remembered a "fashion" memory from my childhood. A scent. Of strong woodsy aftershave.

As a child, my dad always wore the green glass potion known as Brut. It is always so odd that memories never just come back slowly, they always rush in. Brut had much the same effect on my nostrils as a child. As soon as my dad opened the bathroom door down the hallway the lavender and sandalwood scent would flood the house.

I don't remember when he stopped wearing it. I remember buying it for him in Christmas sets. All I remember is the strong smell I always recognized him by without seeing him and the green glass bottle sitting on our navy blue vanity.

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