Sunday, February 5, 2012

What I Wore: To Shaker Village!

So, Shaker Village is wonderful and you should go. It is a historic community outside of Danville, KY. It was formerly a religious community of "shakers" and still functions as a tourist attraction. It has a wonderful restaurant (they have great lunch) and a couple of small gift shops. It is a great day trip for us in Lexington, but I recommend it to anyone. This trip was last spring and Ben and I met one our friends and writer, Sam Yates, there. So, here's a few pictures from the trip and a few details of my outfit. Enjoy!

This donkey kept trying to nibble on my camera.
Wearing: Oxford in Yellow by Polo Kids ($19.50)
Leather Belt by J.Crew ($30.00)
7" Essential Chino Shorts in Navy by J.Crew ($49.50)

Southern Proper Frat Cap in Purple ($20.00)
Southern Tide Frat Strap in Light Blue ($5.00

The lower profile Clark Padmores. I favor them to Wallabies. 

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