Saturday, February 11, 2012

Something New in Store: Adelé

Yesterday, during my endless day off (full of errands), I made a stop in the Chevy Chase neighborhood of Lexington, KY. It is one of my favorite neighborhoods, with one of my favorite local restaurants-post on that some other time. While stopping in for lunch at said restaurant yesterday, I noticed a store that I wasn't familiar with. With its modern yet traditional style, I'm not sure how Adelé has escaped my radar for nearly a year. Then again, it's been a pretty busy year. In any case, I plan on going back for a few photos with Gina very soon. In the mean time, check out their website. They carry a long list of interesting items unique to Lexington that also happen to be mostly artisan-made. They sell everything and it is truly a lifestyle store. More on Adelé soon!

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