Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thrifting Inspiration of the Day

     I am constantly saying that I need to thrift more. I have been thrifting several times but it is impossible to find anything for a five foot, six inch tall man that isn't a FUBU T-shirt. While browsing my daily blog crushes this morning I found this image over at The Midwestyle. I was immediately very jealous of Cameron's find. Not only did he find a classic navy blazer, he found this American-made masterpiece for only $4.50... It would be easy to make the assumption that all of his thrifting trips must be much more fruitful than mine. For an additional $45, Cameron had the blazer altered from it's large waist measurement to this very modern slim cut, in my opinion a great deal. I also love the WWII-era Russian watch he is wearing and found on Etsy. It is easy to say that I love this look. IF you want to find more looks like these (and I promise you, you do) head over to The Midwestyle to browse more inspiring images and outifits from the great American Midwest.

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